What do you like best about what you do?
The variety of work, all the interesting unusual places we get to film, spanning multiple types of business, we’re just all over the place! We also love sharing our expertise. We’re proud of our work and what we can do to help others achieve their visions.

What kinds of pressures do you face running the business?
We share some of the same pressures as many other businesses – keeping the pipeline of work full, and constantly having to adapt to changing trends, whether it’s technology or graphics styles. That said, we like keeping up with those changes! We’re tech geeks!  Love new cameras and gadgets, etc.  The clients inspire us, but so does the equipment.

What influenced you to go into this field?
Steve –  I’ve always wanted to be in an creative business. The visual stuff always attracted me, and how it could influence people.  After working in a very uncreative corporate environment, I wanted a change, and leapt at the chance to be in business for myself. That was 20 years ago and I’ve never regretted the move.

Matt — I’ve been lucky enough to always have worked in the field I studied for.  The field and New Image have both grown so much since I started; like Steve, I like the challenges.

What kinds of businesses would you like to connect with through HRCC?
We get excited about working with all different kinds of businesses. Ideal customers right now would be small businesses that needs to leverage digital marketing to compete well online. The public is curious, and video is a great way to satisfy that curiosity in a way that gets businesses attention for their expertise. We really see video working out there, especially for products that you know people will have a lot of questions about or need how-tos for – those are good candidates for video.

What do you like best about the HRCC Expo?
We love and appreciate the excitement level that HRCC creates, and the fun that everybody has. We look forward every year to reconnecting with people we don’t otherwise get to see, and meeting at Expo strengthens our connections. One can never expect an instant sale of course, but we do get both business and referral from participating.

Any hot networking tips to share?
Meet as many people as you can, but focus — and do a deeper dive with those you click with best. Learn as much as you can so you can best vet prospects for their good fit for you. And remember, even people who don’t buy from you can be a good referral source, if you understand each other well.

New Image Media is a long-time HRCC Business Expo Sponsor. For more information about participating in the HRCC Business Expo, please visit hrcc.org/expo.