What do you love best about what you do?
Creating special events for folks – there’s huge gratification in making memorable events for people. Usually once in a lifetime events. I love working with the variety of guests that come in, from business to social.

What do you like best about being a member of HRCC?
I belong to few other chambers, but with HRCC, it’s a real relationship. And that makes it possible for more personal relationships to develop between us and HRCC members. Our membership bring us business but I love HRCC’s special events as well.  LOVE the breakfast workshops, they’re very beneficial to me.  Really, I like the whole package! I gain a lot of knowlege from the HRCC seminars I attend, and the networking is vital for Maggiano’s business.

Do you have a motto, or any words to live by, that you’d like to share?
Enjoy every day! We only go around once.  Maggiano’s does what we do because we like making people feel special; we like to touch other lives, have impact. That’s the mindset I try to live with and recommend.

Photo: Sherry looks on as the Maggiano’s staff serves HRCC’s board of directors at their annual retreat