What do you like best about the business you’re in?
The ability to interact with customers in a creative process that informs their brand, based on a combination of their ideas and what we can provide.  There is a lot of back and forth with customers as we finalize the final products. I like that every single situation is different, and we get to interact with businesses or all sizes. Coming from manufacturing, that is refreshing!

What kinds of pressures do you face in the daily operations?
TIME!  Trying to get done in a quick fashion, especially for weekend events that we support. We’re fortunate that we have a good crew and graphics department that are up to the challenge.

Has anything in particular influenced your business decision-making?
We gain a lot from the HRCC Business Breakfasts! You’re always getting different perspectives on how you view your own business. The opportunity for a small business person to even sit in those kinds of meetings are fantastic. If I can walk away with one new idea each time to add to my own cache, it’s really valuable.

Any one experience that turned you into a devoted HRCC member?
Really, it’s the vibrancy of the organization itself. You can feel the enthusiasm of the people who come because of it, who then act as magnets for others. HRCC continues to build — there are more and more people looking to participate, which speaks well of the organization.

Who you have connected with through HRCC and how have those relationship blossomed as a result?
A number of businesses through HRCC have given me opportunities to meet others beyond the membership, too.  An important part of networking is learning about members’ OTHER connections. Each one offers so many new opportunities. So get to know each other more deeply!

What other kinds of businesses would you like to connect with?
We’re looking at adding some larger companies to our client mix. And we’d like to get more involved with the marketing departments and not just purchasing departments. We love being brought into a company’s marketing process early, so we can be an integral part of what they’re structuring and provide better value to them as a result.

What do you like best about the HRCC Expo?
Having the opportunity to see a lot of my customers who are exhibiting / themselves, it’s a nice touch-base. And there’s such a large audience in attendance, we can do almost a year’s work in making new connections and reaffirming old ones.

Any hot networking tips to share?
Identify the decision-makers at the companies you’re interested in working with, and focus on those people with whom you have direct influence in order to get proper representation in those important conversation to get the work.

Fastsigns/Lyndhurst is a long-time HRCC Business Expo Sponsor. For more information about participating in the HRCC Business Expo, please visit hrcc.org/expo.