What do you like best about being in the business you’re in?
I love seeing the excitement in people’s eyes when they see how easy it is to tell their stories with my app, and how powerful it can be to do so.  I like being part of helping people create something out of nothing, and using today’s technology to bring something special to life for people.

What kinds of pressures do you face as a business person?
There’s a constant juggling of information to try and choose the right path as I proceed and grow. Starting a business, you get so much different advice from different mentors and organizations, but you really need to be true to your own understanding of your industry, your capabilities, and what you want your company to do. You have to trust your instincts – it’s YOUR business, and you are the one who has to learn how to discern good advice from bad, and not be afraid to make changes if you hit a wall.

Has any one or anything in particular influenced your choices?
I’m particularly fond of the idea that you do well when you do good. Kevin Goodman of BlueBridge Networks, one of my partner vendors, builds philanthropy into everything they do as a business, and it changes lives. I’m so pleased to be able to do this too, to use my business a tool to help the community.

How has HRCC helped you connect with clients?
A couple of my inaugural clients are HRCC members, some of whom I met through HRCC, and some of whom I met through referral by HRCC and HRCC member. I love that HRCC creates the kinds of opportunities to expand my network that go way beyond HRCC alone.

What turns you on about the Expo?
I have worn every Expo hat – as an Expo attendee, then as an exhibitor through Bad Girl Ventures, then as a planning team member and exhibitor on my own, now as a sponsor / exhibitor AND planning team member! I’ve met so many interesting people there, from fellow planning team members to the other exhibitors and people who come to network, every year I’ve come away with a new relationship that has helped my business grow in some way, whether a partner-vendor or new customer or professional service. Expo attracts a great energy to it that I love being a part of, AND I also walk out with new business all the time!

How is HRCC essential to your business?
There’s such a variety of opportunities that HRCC offers to stretch your leadership wings, to learn from others who are further along than you as entrepreneurs, and even to learn best practices from the way HRCC markets itself  – how HRCC as a business takes its values and applies them to the logistics of creating these opportunities for people. Being a part of HRCC feels great because you get to surround yourself with a lot of people who really have it going on.

That I’m involved with HRCC and putting myself forward through opportunities like Expo, also strengthens my relationships with my clients (and others that I already know). Networking other exhibitors, for example, you have the opportunity to interact with people on a professional level. It builds your credibility, especially when you’re an early stage company. It also amplifies the B2B conversation in general to have this many different kinds of resources coming together to support each other.

The Digital Mosaic is a 2017 and 2018 Expo Sponsor. For more information about participating in the HRCC Business Expo, please visit hrcc.org/expo.