What do you like best about the business you’re in?
The creativity!  We have so many different things to offer, that we have become a problem solving company — more of a comprehensive marketing partner than just an advertising opportunity. Who are you trying to reach and how can we help? We have so much freedom and so many different tools here to help you, and really enjoy finding the best way to do it with each of our clients.

What kinds of pressures do you face in your daily business life?
Media is a challenging terrain, you always have to be evolving. No time to rest on your laurels! You have to constantly be working to make new relationships and meet growth goals. But I like the challenge, and I like that it’s relationship-driven. I enjoy helping clients meet their challenges, and spending the time to be present with them where they are.

Any notable influences?
Paul Klein, our new associate publisher, was my boss back in the day at Sun Newspapers, he’s been a mentor for a long time, and the voice of  both encouragement and reason, especially in terms of how to lead myself professionally.

What kind of other businesses would you like to connect with through HRCC?
We can be a resource for anyone wanting to grow in NEO — B2B and beyond.

Who you have connected with through HRCC and how have those relationships blossomed?
We have a really nice relationship with Chris Hatala from Games Done Legit, who we first met at an HRCC event. He has some great stuff happening with team building exercises in a professional environment, and event entertainment. We work with him a lot!

HRCC Expo is big for Community Leader magazine! What makes it so?
There’s so many events one can go to, so many ways to be out and active and networking, but it’s always the next steps you take that lead to your success. I set goals in advance, e.g., to create 10 new relationships. Goals should be realistic –   simple but achievable – so I can really use these events to make the most of the opportunity – not just being in the room but being a part of the conversation. I always, work to establish solid new relationships, and set follow-up meetings that day.

HRCC EXPO is a great opportunity for growth for us, I want to make sure I am doing all I need to do to maximize the opportunity. But we’re not there for just what we get out of it, what’s important is how we can make the experience and opportunity the best for the others who are there.  We’re there to help, to be a resource for local business. That’s what we like about HRCC, too; HRCC in general is a great resource, and values building real relationships. I love that our two organizations have become go-tos for each other.

What do you like best about the Expo?
The people that come are so diverse, it’s really an eye-opener.  Plus because of all the different communities that HRCC represents, you get to meet a lot of different businesses from all over.  I consider it a can’t-miss opportunity.


Cleveland Magazine/Community Leader Magazine is a long-time HRCC Business Expo Sponsor. For more information about participating in the HRCC Business Expo, please visit hrcc.org/expo.