What do you like best about the business you’re in?
Having the opportunities to make a difference. Being a professional photographer has many rewarding experiences.  Every Angle has been with our clients through it all…weddings, babies, family holidays, graduations…you name it and we have been there to memorialize the day. When we capture such intimate and special moments, then deliver their joyous memories to relive, we know we are making a difference.

What kinds of pressures do you face as a business person?
One of the challenges of running a full-service photography studio is working within the parameters of things outside of our control, like the weather. I’ve learned that when working with an immovable date, such as a wedding, it is crucial to be forward thinking and have an alternate plan for capturing the wedding if the weather takes a drastic change on their big day. Our experience has given us the skills and prepared us with solutions so our clients may relax and enjoy their time in front of the camera.

Like all business owners, I wear so many different hats, that I sometimes struggle with that work/life balance, and with maintaining focus in a world where there’s so much coming at you. I’m also pressured to try all the new tools of the trade while working to master what I’m already working with. I find stepping away and just breathing, then coming back and making a list of my priorities, is what works to keep me balanced. I don’t beat myself up about things.

Has anyone or anything in particular influenced your choices?
I once had an older colleague, an amazing outside sales person, who told me, “any time a client has a problem, you may not have a solution, but the thing to do is drop everything and go be face to face with them and LISTEN.”  It’s the most important piece of advice in life and in work I’ve ever gotten.  Drawing on my own twenty years of sales experience, I have found listening to be the key element in client satisfaction. At Every Angle, we schedule time to listen to and get to know each of our clients. We allow them to share their vision and desires to ensure that we deliver a service and product that not only meets, but exceeds their expectations.

What kinds of businesses would you like to connect with through HRCC that can help you succeed?
Through my partnership with the chamber, I am looking to collaborate with HR and marketing teams to assist companies of all sizes with professional headshots to be utilized on company websites,  as well as company marketing and branding material. I am also looking forward to meeting other professionals while networking and building mentoring relationships that will help us develop our professional and personal lives.

Every Angle Photography is a 2017 and 2018  Expo Sponsor. For more information about participating in the HRCC Business Expo, please visit hrcc.org/expo.