Lenny Carlsen, TPI Efficiency Consulting

Jane, Lenny, AJ webres

What do you love best about what you do?
I love working with locally-grown businesses to help them be more efficient. When our clients can lower their energy usage and save a ton of money, they can focus more on growing their business. And as my clients grow, my company grows. I’m a huge Cleveland guy too – I love helping small businesses grow to make us an even better city.

HRCC is much more advanced than other chambers at attracting member engagement. The Business Expo is a prime example. HRCC is so well put together – a very people-generated organization, with great energy. Sometimes we are sought out for business JUST because we’re HRCC members.

Words to live by:
Give it all you can.

Photo: Lenny, middle, with Jane Carroll and TPI colleague AJ Faggionato, enjoying an HRCC All-Networking Breakfast