What You Don’t Know About Follow-Up: Shattering Myths and Transforming Strategies

May 18, 8:00 am - 9:30 am, 700 Beta Banquet and Conference Center

Follow up is easy to get wrong …  so let’s make a mind shift!

The people you meet at networking events want one of two things – to work with you to achieve more, or to solve a problem.

If you refer to the people you meet at a networking event as “leads” or “prospects”, you have already sold yourself short, and sold them nothing. In reality, you are never “selling” people something; you are always “collaborating” with them.

When you begin to think about your business as a series of collaborations instead of a series of transactions, you become energized about your business and about what you offer.

Here lies the key: When you are energized about your business, you are motivated to follow-up in an intentional and productive way.

Join us as we welcome Robin Sacks and Angie Pohlman back for our May Business Breakfast, and learn how to shift the way you think about follow-up forever!

Our Speakers

Robin Sacks is an award-winning journalist, award-winning playwright, author, speaker and motivator. Her philosophy is beyond simple: You are over-thinking everything! Through keynotes, workshops, and online courses, she provides a simple, creative, and humorous bent on the topics of Stress Management, Motivation, Perspective and Productivity – tools and thinking which allow you to “get out of your own way”. With clients ranging from Girl Scout troops to Fortune 100 companies, Robin has facilitated personal and professional development workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Angie Pohlman is a connectivity consultant coaching people on the fine art of building a network, and finding common ground with colleagues and clients. Angie spent over a decade as executive director of Heights-Hillcrest Regional Chamber of Commerce, and has a background in theater, both of which gave her ample opportunity to know and love the many characters in our world, and the challenges they face. She specializes in helping people build relationships and hardworking teams.


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